Future Challenges?

In a recent article in Relevant magazine, some contemporary Christian thinkers were asked 7 important questions, one of which was, “What do you see as the greatest challenge for young Christians in the next 10 years?”

Orthodox author, Frederica Matthewes-Green (she’s a pacifist, by the way) said,
“I am afraid that every Christian is going to be increasingly challenged by violent Islam in ways that will be harder and harder to tacitly ignore. Ironically, much of what Islam hates about America are things that Christians ought to likewise resist: gluttonous consumption, recreational shopping, celebrity culture, trashing of the environment, the trivializing of sex, the sexualizing of children, the killing of unborn children, artificializing women’s bodies, depriving boys and men of a coherent and worthy identity…any belief that being ‘American’ takes precedence over membership in the body of Christ. If we are going to face the threat of death for what we believe (as Christians [faced with Islam] have been doing for 1,300 years in Africa, Asia and the Middle East), let it truly be for what we believe, and not for Angelina Jolie, the ‘4th Meal’ and extra cupholders.”


8 thoughts on “Future Challenges?

  1. Mmm interesting post…well I was catholic and now I am a muslim and…I was not not driven nor pushed in a violent way…

    I am mexican and alhamdulilah islam is spreading in latinamerica…

    We take it of course as a spiritual reaction but I think it also has to do with politics since we dislike the “american way” so is kind of resistance to all what this girl wrote in the mentioned article.

    “I dont wanna be a Britney Spears”!!!

  2. Many Christians hate those things as well. But it seems that many of the problems in the US are “in house” and not affecting the Muslim world. Why would they react violently and not constructively?

    They have plenty of problems of their own. Oppression of women, violence between Islamic sects, etc. Seems to me that they are looking at our “speck” before taking care of their “beam.”

  3. Hola!

    For those who says islam is oppression I would ask them not to be happy with the version of reality that comes from media. There are many ways to discover the truth about islam, one is travelling or just reading in reliable sources.

    If so was real I wouldnt have embraced islam not other girls. Whenever u are not submissive to God, u are submitted to people and this material world, so submission to God is the real freedom.


    By reaction I meant: the quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of God. I looked into several religions before I made my decision. Every human being has different needs, so everyone get different means to satisfy them.

    For me it was important to be in balance with science and islam supports science and everything that we can do to get to know more about the creation of God.

    Lol…sorry for my language mistakes.


  4. satan must be in hog heaven as we beating ourselves and others up over which regligion is right and who is living the proper life style. There is a lot of confusion about the truth. we can analize ourselves and others forever and still be where we are.
    Lets accept who we are as Christians and where we are at in our spiritual life and journey and get to work on doing God’w will.
    I have know Chirstains that have turned to Budda, and Buddist that have become Christains. Same with Islam.
    There is a war going on and has been going on between God and the devil which the author points out in her statement. Let us get on with the fight and make Spirit filled decision on how we can as indiviual effect a positive change in our relationship and way of life.

  5. First off, I have to take issue with the answer to the initial question posed by *Relevant*. I do not think the biggest threat to young Christians in the next 10 years is going to have anything to do with Islam, other than the possible pitfalls that it’s false teachings may pose to young believers. I do however, think that they are going to be more and more challenged in “tacitly ignoring” the violence in our own culture. Even in the most Christian of home environments, our children are being constantly bombarded with sinful examples of violence and other negative messages in the media (the ones that were mentioned in the article as a mere afterthought to the rather extreme suggestion of a violent Islamic conspiracy). fatherneo, I mean no offense here but honestly your Matrix themed blog also seems to me to be an example of this. If something as violent as the Matrix (which also promotes sexual impurity) has gone so far into the church itself as to be on a priest’s Christian blog, well, it just tells me that we should first worry about the threats that our own culture poses to our young believers and save the
    Crusade against Islam for a time when we are at a better spiritual place with the One who gives us strength in such battles: our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now that is the true example of the “speck” and “beam” that I see here. Finally, in relation to what the latest anonymous commenter said, there should be no argument over which religion is right or wrong, I agree with you. However, the reason there is no argument is because the Lord already settled it when he said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” -John 14:6. Buddhists, Muslims, and all other major world religions may share some common ground with Christianity, and that is a good thing because it is through that common ground that we can (hopefully) share the message of Christ and his love for them and open their eyes to salvation- but this common ground should not be confused with multiple paths to the Lord.

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