Jack is Back

O.K. so the new season of 24 is underway. S and I watched all 5 seasons from October to December so we were ready. We weren’t disappointed. What I want to know (spoiler alert) is what happened to Disneyland?

3 thoughts on “Jack is Back

  1. What? Did Disneyland explode or get obliterated or meet some other heinous end? I might have to watch this show after all…

  2. I LOVE 24! I just keep thinking about it and talking about it like it’s real life. If you haven’t been to the 24 forum found on 24’s website, you need to check it out. Ever since the new season, I’ve been to that site every day. This is the second season I’ve watched in “real time”, and I must say I prefer the dvds, but I can’t help myself. Anyway, I’m so glad Jack is back to save the day (again). Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

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