7 Song Meme

The ‘Ungodly Ranter’ tagged me to name 7 songs I am currently ‘into.’ (Yes, I am avoiding the unraveling of the Episcopal Church). Here they are:

1)Don’t Stop Believin’–Journey (it’s even one of my ringtones, can you ever be tired of this song?)
2)Photograph–Def Leppard
3)Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
4)Here I am to Worship–Tim Hughes (a little CCM doesn’t hurt anyone)
5)How Great is Our God–Chris Tomlin (see #4)
6)Imperial March (see #1)
7)I Bind Unto Myself Today–St. Patrick’s Breastplate

Does this say anything about me, like a personality test?

8 thoughts on “7 Song Meme

  1. How Great Is Our God is an awesome song. We sang it at church a couple of weeks ago and the place exploded in worship. It gives me goose bumps every time I hear it on the radio.

  2. We do all praise and worship songs at church. I’m currently using them for stress relief; there’s nothing like looking up when you’re feeling down. My ringtone is “Galileo”, and Indigo Girls song. Just been rambling through the playlists on my ipod; the Beatles have been playing the last day or 2 at home, Corrs in the car. The 8 year old like Queen and 70s tunes, the 4 year old likes the Beatles and Chopin.

  3. Jaimie,
    What are you studying in grad school? What kind of church do you belong to?

    We do a graet rendition at our church, too! We have an ‘ancient future’ kind of worship.

  4. Since I’m trying to learn French I’ve been doing the next best thing to total submersion and listening to a fabulous French group called Lo Jo, as well as a female singer, Jane Birkin. A lot of Arabic influence with both artist, which really reminds me of Paris, believe it or not . . .

    Still have to come and hear that Ancient – future worship at your church, Fr. Neo.

  5. Hi! New here, but looked interesting. I’m a music teacher working PT in a school for disabled studnets, halfway between regular ed self contained and institution. When you get out of music school everyone wants to conduct all-state ensembles, but these are the kids tha nobody wants. One day I’ll see those kids on two good legs, and they’ll come up to me and say ‘Remember Field Day 2006? That was fun, plaing velcro ball.’ That’s where it’s at 🙂 I go to goucher College (next door to Towson) and am working on a master’s of education with a specialty in at-risk students. My original goal was to go down the road to Loyola and do counseling with a bent towards pastoral counseling; I wanted to do some work in ministry to post-abortive women. Lots of church culture is not very supportive and these women are suffering; they need to know God loves them. Much effort is focused on the unborn, and there are wounded survivors that meet with harshness rather than healing. Doors kept closing to me on that route, but I haven’t forgotten it. My concentration is heavily psychologically based, and there’s a pregnancy crisis center near me wtih a program I can volunteer for. One step at a time, with 2 small kids and all. My husband & I were raised Roman Catholic, which is where I got turned on to music before I even knew rock and roll-I loved to sing. Early 70s, folk guitar masses. The heavy bent on what seems like praying to Mary and saints began to seem like a violation of the first commandment and I got very, very uncomfortable. I go to a church that is nominally a General Baptist Conference Church. Pastor is a Jewish believer and spent 17 years working for Chosen People Ministries. There’s alot of history in the sermons, and when things like the Feast of Tabernacles comes arount he builds the whole booth as a teaching tool as well. (He teaches Bible at Annpolis Area Christian School mornings.) Add to that he’s a huge Bob Dylan fan and you have a really engaging Sunday morning. The gist is “From Old Testament prophecy springs New Testament hope”, and the why of everything is helpful.:-)Love to hear the ‘ancient future’ worship,but aren’t you in Colorado? I’m near Annapolis MD. My husband and I are the rare animal of evangelical progressive Christians-think Jim Wallis and Sojourners. We’ve actually found a welcome here rather than people moving to not sit next to us.
    Angivox-isn’t world music influence great? When my son was at Vacation Bible School and there was a rap type song, he siad “I don’t do rap” and wouldn’t sing. I told him nobody draws a picture using only one crayon in the box; I use that alot with the students. Got some into Beethoven and Jars of Clay that way when I was in Catholic ed. Isn’t there a saying that when you sing you pray twice, anyway?
    BTW, playlist of the day is Elvis Costello.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story, jaimie! Sounds like you are on the front lines of ministry. ‘Nominally’ general conference?

    Yes, we are in Colorado…

  7. Yes-we support missionaries, but it seems to be more or less an independent kind fo deal. Not much involvement of the broader organization.

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