‘Tis in Hiding

No, I am not in hiding, just on vacation (‘Till Tuesday at least). Currently, the whole house is napping which is a most unusual occurence!

I just finished Frank McCourt (Angela’s Ashes)second book, called ‘Tis, which is his sequel to Angela’s Ashes. What a riot! McCourt reminds me of a Saliger with Irish humor. Lots of drinking, lots of language, but what a picture of a poor immigrant’s life in New York.

I was struck with McCourt’s picture of the church–quite negative–but I got the sense he longed for it somehow. He was also brief in his description of how his first marriage failed and never mentions his current wife. I’m considering buying his third book Teacher Man, but I will be disappointed if he doesn’t fill me in on those details. If anyone has read Teacher Man, let me know.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis in Hiding

  1. Haven’t read it, but always wanted to-I’m a teacher and it was showing up in the trade papers. I’ll have alot of reading for pleasure to catch up on when grad school is done; after devotionals there’s not alot of time left. Accurate pictures of humanity (unless you’re Mother Teresa) will always have some rough edges; it’s just who we are.

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