Would you read a book about…

-The last emperor of the Byzantine Empire?
-With lots of war and martial arts?
-With a tragic ending?

The real life story of Constantine XI is fascinating and I’d like to try my hand at writing a historical fiction piece. Any advice from the neophytes? Is there anyone out there who has actually done something like this?

6 thoughts on “Would you read a book about…

  1. I haven’t written historical fiction, but I love to read it. As a reader I always appreciate a send of historical accuracy-Dan Brown take notes.

  2. i have only written biblical (well, and science)fiction: the story of deborah, and of naboth’s vinyard. its amazing how one chapter of scripture contains so much subtext that even to a limited imgination like mine it still too nearly a hundred pages to turn it into a novella….

  3. not yet, but there is a new york literary agent that is mildly interested – i have been told to look in the UK. and i only mention it because i couldn’t be more tickled if you hit me with a bag of feathers.

    this is the synopsis, apropros of nothing:

    No one on Mars knows who, or what, Jehu is: they only know that it is lethal, stealthy and unstoppable. Set against the tapestry of tremendous political upheaval, A Race Through Dark Places tells the story of a murderous madman unleashed on the red planet. It is up to three people to stop the killings, each of whom holds a dark and terrible secret. Rachael Richards, the pharmaceutical researcher who doesn’t know enough to prevent the murders, but knows enough to get herself killed; Miguel Franco, the dedicated sheriff of New Jerusalem who cannot be allowed to stop Jehu, and General Zachariah Harrison, a man whose passions may lead to his, and an entire planet’s destruction. But not everyone wants to see Jehu stopped. The President’s security advisor sees it as the perfect way to bring down the government; the wealthy and homicidal head of RedPlanet Industries believes it is the path to ultimate power in the solar system. And in the midst of it all is an unwilling and heretical priest, tricked by circumstance and her own weakness into playing a game she cannot win…

    crap, i know, but there you have it 🙂

  4. rather, that’s the sci-fi nonsense anyway.

    haven’t submitted the biblical stuff yet… though you’ve got me thinking…

  5. Sounds intriguing–you the Star Wars type (I see the ‘Harrison’ character and your Red Planet industries echo Pallpatine–‘unlimited power!’)?

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