paleo neo duex

The Matrix takes many forms in our world. In the Western world, we have a worldview that says there is no other realm but the one we can observe with our senses. The recent curiosity with ‘spirituality’ is really just a front for pleasure of the mind and emotions, it has little to do with the spirit. We only desire the ancient spiritual practices on our terms; only if it enhances good feeling. The ancient path to the world of the unseen is through self-denial and humility—it is to realize that there is someone larger and vastly different from us.

As for the artists and stars, many prattle about what can make them look the most favorable—you’ll never find the timeless among the popular.

One thought on “paleo neo duex

  1. Kinda hard on the artists, Fr. Neo. They have two problems: first they have to discern the reality of the Matrix, then they need to find an audience who wants to hear about it and pay them. I guess there is a third way (apologies to the Buddhists). They can be vague or codify their message to get a large audience, some of whom will see through the veil and perceive the truth under it, …like the Warshowski brothers, maybe.

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