Why Fr. Neo is Paleo

Why is Fr. Neo really Paleo?

The Matrix really does have you. It surrounds you when you go to work, when you go to school, when you come home and turn on the T.V. It even has you in its grip when you go to church (especially if your denomination has a USA after it). The Matrix is a system of control, yet it is not in the places you might think.

The Matrix is not in authority, or in Tradition, or in custom, or in the Holy Books. In fact in our world it is in the opposite realm. Fr. Neo wants to open your eyes to the real world. A world where there is true freedom. A metaphysical world where names like Macrina and Basil are commonplace. Join in to find out about the real world.

4 thoughts on “Why Fr. Neo is Paleo

  1. I’m so glad, because if I’m not in the Matrix I won’t have to wear that awful leather getup. And, no weird things coming out of my stomach! (Mr. Wantstobeapriest had to explain all about the Matrix to me.)

  2. Is there any escape from the “Matrix”???

    What is the Matrix on Planet Earth???

    How can mortal man, held captive in his flesh and bones break into the world of the unseen???

    It seems to me that any thing that can be seen or touched or tasted is doomed to decay, death and destruction.

    While in the basement of a goodwill store I came upon a large table stacked with thousand of music records of individuals and bands that who at one time had the whole worlds attention but now their prized records were in a heap of thousands of other has-been stars, forgotten like a heap of trash. Some of these artist had been my personal idols who I had allowed to form my way of think and attitudes on important issue of the day – I was filled with a sad – empty feeling.

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