Another paleo

Kevin is right. Not all popular art misses the mark. Otherwise we wouldn’t be going with the Matrix motiff.

There is, however, a disease in our world that keeps us from seeing beyond our own perception of what is real.

Sadly, this disease goes undedected–especially when it is in the most beloved institution, the Church.

So called mainline Christianity has lost its bearings and its center. Mainline churches are so absorbed in the Matrix, they cannot make their way out. They want the fantasy that society listens to them, that the culture actually cares that they exist, therefore they will do anything to say nothing.

One thought on “Another paleo

  1. Please, Father Neo . . . Elaborate to your young padowan, the attributes of this disease and the destructive power that it instills.

    Must one become Paleo to escape the Matrix? Is it not possible for a fundy to swallow the red pill, in order to see how far the rabbit hole goes? Historically, hasn’t “mainline Christianity” always had problems with their perception of reality, i.e. the refusal to meet God on His terms as was the case with the church in Corinth? Is that not the concept Paul repeatedly expresses throughout his epistles? Haven’t believers always struggled against “conforming to the pattern of this world,” as opposed to being “transformed by the renewing of their minds?”

    May the Force be with you.

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