Jack is back

So I don’t watch a whole lot of TV.  Too much stuff to keep away from the kids.  But that 24 is just so danged addicting!

My wife and I watched 5 seasons in two months to catch up with season 6 in the Fall of ’07 (now we’re in season seven) and are back in the saddle, writers strike notwithstanding.

Anyone else in this place?

By now you can kind of guess what happens next–that every agency is ‘compromised’ and that Jack is the only one who can save the world–but man I can hardly wait till next Monday.

Best line from last week:

‘Following the rules makes us better than them [the terrorists],’ to which Jack replies,

“Not today.”

3 thoughts on “Jack is back

  1. Padre,
    My wife and I tried 24, but couldn’t get into it after 2 discs of season 1. We did, however, burn through Lost like a Californian brush fire. We would watch 1 disc a night. Yikes!

  2. I’m in. The episodes are broadcast during a rehearsal (Epiphany Mountain Boys), so I watch on the 24 web site. Great season, this.

    Do you think the First Gentleman is mortally wounded?

  3. Father Stace,

    I love 24 well. I am what you would call addicted. And I’ve led my wife to be addicted now too. Oh well, there’s worse things to be addicted to, right?

    And radom fact, i looked at your list of favorite movies… and I own every one of them. Creepy…

    I was telling my wife about my YouthWorks days, and abotu people I miss meeting with and seeing on my trips. You were one I mentioned. If we’re ever in denver, we’ll ahve to come see you… and go eat some Chipotle.

    I hope you’re well.

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