We had our memorial for Daniel last Saturday. I have to say that, despite the great pain, it was the most profound worship experience I have ever had. It is ironic to say that about a memorial service for a young man who died way too soon.

We found that while we were digging in the cave of darkness and grief, that we were actually mining gold in God’s eternal country. Sometime during that service we went from earth to the eternal realm of glory.

I am not one to exaggerate. The Spirit of God really descended on 780 grievers on the eve of Pentecost 2008 at Christ Episcopal Church in Denver.

The cynic in me wonders where He was while we were praying desperately for Daniel to recover, but I have to say that I was moved to my core at His palpable presence among us last Saturday.

Christ is risen. I didn’t think I would feel that as powerfully amidst the reality of death.  I did not think my song would be ‘Alleluia’ looking at mourners.

Somehow, eternity was not that far away and I am still feeling its effects.

2 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. Awesome, Neo. Could it be that this is why the faith of those in Africa and the Orient that is under persecution and attack seems stronger and more resilient than ours?

  2. True Christianity, that is, Christianity as it was meant to be, seems to manifest only in cases of human extremity, because it is only then that we admit our utter helplessness and weakness, allowing the Living God to minister to us, and save us. I agree with what Morpheus hints at.

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