The Sunday before Ash Wednesday, I gave a talk on Lent to a stairwell at the local Christian University. Surprisingly, about 30 students crammed into an apartment to learn about Lent.

What was once baptismal training morphed into a penetential season–a season that I love more than any other in the church year.

What is your discipline for Lent this year? Do you have one? Is it important?

2 thoughts on “Lent

  1. Lent…
    I usually removing something from my life that is not bad per se, just distracting, and then I replace it with something that points me to God. This year I have removed all forms of talk radio and replaced those times with listening to an audio version of the Bible.

    Additionally, I take any temptations and unfulfilled dreams and I place them in the tomb with with Jesus. What is still alive on the third I accept as God’s will for my life.

    Stay in the groove,

  2. coffee – always coffee. Hopefully it will be the last year that I give it up because I won’t go back to drinking it!

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