Getting close to the Feast of Pentecost, it is vital and necessary to focus on the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. One thing that stikes me, though, is the way in which the Holy Spirit ‘lifted the veil’ not only on the way the disciples saw the world, but also on their sense of perception. It was as if they could not only see better, but that they could also ‘hear’ better. When God spoke, they could not help but hear. When he called, they could not help but follow. Listen to these words by a Benedictine abbot at the consecration of a monk:

When God calls He means business! He calls and you must respond ‘Yes” or ‘No’. Anything less or different would be a lie to Him and to yourself. The response can be nothing less than total. Part time monks are like part-time Christians; they are good only for Sunday Mass statistics!

What we need is the ability to hear–an ability to perceive the Holy Spirit’s radical call in our lives!

10 thoughts on “Vocare

  1. Is it a voice we are to hear, or is it attention to synchronistic events in our lives that allows us to get the call?

  2. I believe that I have been so called by the Holy Spirit in my life, but not “verbally”. My personal call, coming in early morning prayer and reflection a number of years ago, was more of the scales-falling-from-the-eyes sort, accompanied by a blinding revelation that every event of my life and every part of my being had been aligned to the moment, and was its preparation. The experience was so intense and clear that I wept in gratitude. It was and is a blessing to have had. There was no question of rejection, though. I wasn’t given a question, requiring my assent. I would as soon have rejected the dawn from a promontory perch. The Holy Spirit had me. Fully. I could only submit. Following the outlined path since has been cloudy and obscure some days, clear and straight others.

    Anonymous’, your word choice of “attention to synchronistic events” is close to my experience, without the flash of spiritual intensity and awe which I’ve tried to describe here.

  3. Maybe this is just semantics, but doesn’t the Father call us to serve Him? The Holy Spirit empowers us (among other things) to accomplish God’s call.

  4. I think you are right, Phyllis. God made us for a purpose to which he calls us, but in what I was talking about, the empowering was the primary characteristic of the Holy Spirit. I love the Acts image of a strong wind blowing. God’s spirit blowing through us to animate our purpose for His glory…and strangely, ours.

  5. I recently heard an explanation for this Yogi-ism. It seems Yogi actually lived on a circle drive. Whichever fork you took, you got to his house!

  6. Yes Morpheus, that is what I heard too. That is why Father’s one yes to two options seemed like a Yogi-ism to me. I took him to mean both roads will get you there.

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