Too Bad So Sad

So the controversial series ‘The Book of Daniel’ was cancelled by NBC? I could stomach about 360 seconds of it. I will miss it so much! Here’s the e-mail I sent to NBC. I guess I was wrong about the advertising $$$!

Mr. Wright,

The reports I am hearing about your new show ‘The Book of Daniel’ are very discouraging. I am an Episcopal Priest and, should you continue airing this show, I will boycott NBC and encourage my parishioners to do the same. It is unfortunate that writers and producers know so little about the church, church life and religion in general. Perhaps a more informed take on ministry would keep this kind of thing off the air–but I guess anything that doesn’t involve sex, homosexuals and drug-addicted clergy just doesn’t get the advertising dollars.

Best wishes,

8 thoughts on “Too Bad So Sad

  1. The whole issue is tiresome. Everyone knows that BoD died…because Battlestar Galactica is a much better show. In fact, it starts in three minutes!

    Everyone should watch BSG—so say we all!


  2. When you have bishops who endlessly prattle on concerning things immaterial, and when people in “leadership” of a diocese seem to always misinterpret and mangle the clear meaning of Holy Scripture…you learn to get to the creamy nougat centre of an issue right fast.

    Besides, in this diocese, the crap that was covered in BoD is tame compared to some stories I’ve heard. From vestry wife-swaps to orgies (some heterosexual)…perhaps it was somewhat realistic.

    Still, all things considered, BSG: Best show on TV. End of line. =)


  3. I find it interesting nobody has said boo over the HBO series “Six Feet Under” where the gay son in the family of undertakers is an Episcopal Deacon. At least that is shown in the first season… it sort of dumps that plot line as the seasons progress… but nobody got worked up over that.
    I like Six Feet Under despite that subplot. There is some substance to chew on when it takes on the life and death issues. The Book of Daniel took all the worst Episcopalian stereotypes and made a mockery of the whole thing… Also, there is the Vicar of Dibley, which really isn’t much better than the Book of Daniel.
    BTW… I like this blog and have linked to you from mine.

  4. Rent Six Feet Under on DVD some time, start with season one and work your way through. There is some gay sex in it, but otherwise its very thought provoking and makes you think about the way we approach death as a culture.

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