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  1. Fr. Neo! What kind of question is that?

    “More honored than the Cherubim, and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim. In purity you gave birth to God the Logos, truly you are the Mother of God, you do we magnify.”

    (From the Magnificat sung at prayer services in the OC.)

    If you think about it, if it were not for the blessed Virgin Mary’s humility and submission to God’s will, would the birth of our Savior have been possible? Also interesting is that the Theotokos (God bearer) in icons, is never pictured without Christ. Ever.

    I have learned a lot about the Theotokos in the last five months. She carried infinity in her finite womb. The Orthodox liturgical year is organized around her life events. Lord have mercy on us to be like her.

  2. OK Amy, you rock. This goes back to the ‘Tradition’ question posed in several places. Other readers, is Mary to be honored with the title ‘Mother of God?’ What role does Mary play in the life of the believer? I am nothing if not controversial, though I wonder why this topic is so controversial.

  3. Yes, but don’t ask me to explain it. The follow up question it begs beyond her being the “God bearer” concerns her perpetual virginity. If she did not remain virgin, what consequences follow from this Protestant notion? What say ye Padre Neo and others? Is she the BVM? Of course, the real controversy doesn’t concern either of the previous ideas but instead coalesces around the extraneous titles and doctrines, i.e. Co-Redemptrix/Mediatrix, Assumption, and Immaculate Conception.

  4. Well, no one can deny that there’s something about Mary. But who is she? What title does she deserve? Theotokos? Christotokos? Both Luther and Calvin affirmed theotokos. Evangelical Protestants have the tendency to avoid conversations about Mary at all times of the year except Christmas, because they are afraid of looking too RC. Is that fair? No, I don’t think so. She should be celebrated and esteemed. There is a difference between esteeming her and worshipping her. Do I think she is an intercessor on my behalf? No, I do not, but that should not keep me from giving her a place of honor. Her response to Gabriel was one that we should model. “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”

  5. I don’t know anyone who ‘worships’ her, not even the RCs. Constantine, are we missing Kevin’s comments?

  6. Coming from and RC. No we don’t worship Mary. We pay her the respect due to somebody who bore the Christ child. Mary as an intercessor? She is as you would have anyone else in your congregation intercede on your behalf before God.

    As for her being the “Mother of God”. Well that all depends if you feel you can separate the human part of Jesus from the God side of Jesus. If you feel you can, then she would not recieve that title. But if you feel that both sides are what makes Jesus, Jesus. Then she rightly deserves that title.

  7. Although I was raised Protestant, I have no problem with the title
    “Mother of God”. I am now RC, but a member of a very controvesial congregation. With the election of our new very conservative Pope, we may not be Catholic for long…but as said Padawan Niece…to my mind, Mary was a model for all of us, not just in that she said yes to the will of God, but that she also gave birth to God. Metaphorically speaking aren’t we all called to “birth God” into the world around us?

  8. I think he will bring us back to our roots. Remind Catholics of who we are, not who the liberal side of the world wants us to be. An idea that has been bounced around here before, universal salvation. The Catholic Church needs a leader that will hold steadfast in the idea that Jesus Christ is the “way” to true salvation. I also believe this pope will be strong enough to stand against Islam. I will pray for your church to stay true to their faith and the tradition of the church.

  9. We are true to our faith, and tradition that is Biblically based…and we beleive that Jesus is the only way to true salvation. But as I stated to Fr. Neo, our priest and the Cardinal rub each other the wrong way…reeeally, reeeally badly…

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