What the Church Can Be

Being the idealist and the maximalist that I am, I can’t help but look to the Church of the 2nd and 3rd Century. Of course I have no romantic notions that the Church in that era (or any era) was perfect, but it’s funny how dedication increases when the lions are breathing down your neck.

Still, what can we be today? “How they love one another”–Epistle to Diognetes. There’s a start. “True religion is caring for orphans and widows”–James. That would be nice.
I sure would like to see more than a “form of godliness” that doesn’t deny its power. As Constantine said, through the waters of baptism we are unplugged from the Matrix. We are given the Holy Spirit, but where is the power? I don’t mean charismatic emotionalism, but the apostolic power that is supposed to coarse through the veins of those who participate in the Sacramental life?

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