Fill me in on yourself a bit. Why the name? I saw the movie last week–what were your thoughts? Or are you taking Emperor C’s name?

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  1. With all the unusual Matrix inspired names posted on your site, I figured a suitable alias was obligatory. Since my chosen “stage name” carries weight and significance in Church history, and more recently recognition as the name of a spiritual anti-hero played by your beloved Neo, the title Constantine seemed apropos. Alas, my bloodline would not be the subject of any “conspiracy code” indicative of a royal lineage :), and I sure as hell don’t have any saintly attributes to speak of. I’m a lonesome pilgrim of sorts, and so be it, and I’ve paid some dues so to speak along the way in terms of grappling with the various factions of belief within the Church catholic. As for your Neo’s latest role, I thought the movie was entertaining. My first reaction to the movie’s premise that God and Satan are basically engaged in a wager (Pascal would be pleased), a high stakes hand of divine Texas Holdem, with all of creation as the ante, was that it was standard dualism and fit the Hollywood template. But afterward, I started thinking about the book of Job, as well as the end of “The Great Divorce” by Lewis (remember the chess like game of the last chapter and who the pieces were??!!), and the similarities gave me a modicum of pause. So for me, there are moments, rare but potent nonetheless, when something akin to grief or remorse seeps in when I think of my life as a consequence of having swallowed the red pill.

  2. I found myself thinking of Job as well. I think I like Lewis’ tiny portrayal of hell a bit better, though in Constantine it was pretty damned impressive (pun intended). I resonate with your disenchantment with the Church. It is an institution that I love (and have given my life to) but I get so frustrated that it is not what it could be. We have access to the greatest wisdom of the ages, yet we either fall into a mindless fundamentalism or a spineless left-wing agenda that poses as tolerance but uses draconian methods to crush opponents. What aspect of Constantine do you see yourself as?

  3. My sentiments as to Lewis’ portrayal of hell could be summed up as close, but no cigar. My preference would be to at least infer that they will take the damned (pun intended) bus ride as many times as it takes. Regardless, GD is still in my estimation an amazing piece of writing. You make reference to what the Church could be. What would this “be” look like Padre Neo? You also juxtapose mindless fundamentalism and the spineless left-wing. Don’t you think there are more options? As for the draconian methods of the left, what the right needs to learn (I’m not taking sides) is to employ more stealth. They could benefit from reading and learning outside their self-imposed ghetto. Maybe take up “The Prince” by Machiavelli. Be subversive. Basically, what you’re doing on this site. The “alters” of the right are not spotless by contrast. They utilize draconian implements as well. As for Constantine the character, I really liked his off-color persona. He’s pissed and wandering in the wilderness. I suspect he’s also a bit miffed at having swallowed the red pill.

  4. Do you blog, Constantine? If so, where? I see Padre Neo once a week, and he is coming along nicely for a priest who was raised as a Pentecostal! Remind me which pill took you into the Matrix and which made you forget?

  5. Hello Kevin. No, I don’t blog. My entry into the blog world is this site. It’s been fun and educational. I don’t doubt for one second that Padre Neo is an impressive and dedicated man. As a matter of fact I know that. His postings and subsequent comments indicate a disciple deeply committed to God and his breadth of learning is laudable. I’d say you are a lucky person to be able to see him weekly. As for your question about which pill took me into the Matrix I don’t follow. From my, apparently very limited, understanding of the original Matrix movie the red pill allowed Neo to “disconnect” from the Matrix and then discern how things really are (if I’m wrong please bring me up-to-speed). Given my understanding of the red pill I’d say that my “one baptism for the forgiveness of sins” disconnected me, though to be sure it was punctuated by other things as well. Which made me forget? Don’t follow here either. Explain please.

  6. I don’t remember my baptism. I was an infant. I have recommitted to what was said on my behalf whenever the occasion has been presented to me. But the red pill (and incidently, I think you are right about the color and its meaning)? Hmmm. The “medicine” of the red pill in my life seemed to have been implanted in me from the beginning. I always leaned toward God. I always intuited that there was more behind the scenes than what was in front of me. Maybe I had an extra-high dose of prevenient grace? Maybe, like Iona, my particular awareness is a “thin place”? I journeyed to the East for a time. There I learned the need for a personal God and that I had probably abandoned my serious Catholicism prematurely.
    The way is rich now. I am aware of living in Zion as the walls come tumbling down. It is a great blessing to know there are others, and to have their company. Come, Lord Jesus.

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