“Angels and archangels, who are the king’s great officials, are gazing steadfastly upon you at the time of your prayer to see what petition you will make of their Master; and they are astonished and exultant whenever they behold one who is made of earth forsake his dung hill and ask for what is heavenly…Thirst for Jesus, that he make you drunk with his love. Close your eyes to the delights of this life, that God may deem you worthy to have peace reigning in your heart.”

St. Isaac the Syrian


  1. To continue directly after where you ended,

    …”Abstain from what your eyes behold, that you may be accounted worthy of spiritual joy. If your works are displeasing to God, seek not from Him glorious things, lest you become a man who tempts God. As your manner of life, so must your prayer be. For it is impossible for someone bound up in earthly matters to seek what is heavenly, and the man who is occupied with worldly affairs cannot ask for what is divine. Each man’s desire is revealed by his works, and in whatever matters he shows his zeal, it is for those that he strives in prayer. The man who desires the greatest things does not concern himself with the lesser.”
    (from homily “On the Senses, and on Temptations Also.” in The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian)

    I really want (to want?) to forsake my dung hill for the heavenly. Lord have mercy. Help us to desire that which we should desire.

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