Stanley Hauerwas Quote

‘I can think of no more conformist message in liberal [democratic] societies than the idea that students should learn to think for themselves.  What must be said is that most students in our society do not have minds well enough trained to think.  A central pedagogical task is to tell students that their problem is that they do not have minds worth making up.  That is why training is so important, because training involves the formation of the self through submission to authority that will provide people with the virtues necessary to make reasoned judgment.’ (Hauerwas)

One thought on “Stanley Hauerwas Quote

  1. Neo, I’ve thought about this statement, and it is really applicable across all walks of life, across all cultures. A boy cannot become a man, really become one, until he has also submitted himself to someone who has walked that road, knows what is ahead, and who is prepared to walk alongside him through it. To Father him. There are a few rare souls who walk through this well alone, but thay are rare. Good quote, very thought provoking.

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