Descriptive, Prescriptive, Barely Christian

GC 2009

Not sure what to say.  The many resolutions from TEC’s General Convention, convoluted and left-leaning as they are, leave no doubt as to where this church is headed.  What is the answer for orthodox Anglicans in and out of TEC? I don’t think the Anglican schisms and break-offs have bore the fruit that they thought they would.  Anglicanism will continue to thrive in the Global South, but what of the American (and European) expression? 

The culture could care less what happened in Anaheim last week, and while the church appears more relevant than ever, there are fewer and fewer Episcopalians.  Some bishops describe the actions as more ‘descriptive than prescriptive,’ but when bishops, priests and deacons live outside the bounds of Christian marriage, the prescription they write is to ‘do as you will and harm no one.’  Sounds like a familiar slogan. 

The General Convention is a tired, expensive, non-Christian exercise whose time has long passed.  It is barely Christian even in its decision making mechanisms (spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get votes on sexuality), and has made yet another hole in the bottom of the sinking ship called TEC.

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  1. Those of us with faithful parish priests are fortunate. It’s rather nice to ignore the larger organization and all the politics, but at some point it seems that’s no longer possible.

  2. Just popped in and was surprised by the graphic in this post. Tried to find the original, but the other three places it turned up on the internet were all as small as the one you’re using, and I can’t read the bottom line. Was this graphic a spoof on Mrs Schori and her gang? Or is this a legitimate publication cover? Forgive my naivete and ignorance. Have been a Greek Orthodox for over 20 years now, and my Episcopalian savvy has frightfully worn off.

    The real Episcopal Church, a branch of the ancient Church, and Orthodox, still lives, because Christ is alive in her members, and they know it. They are luckier than the rest of us who still have human bishops who can err and cause trouble. Their bishop is none other than Jesus Christ, and as long as they are willing to follow Him in His passion, He will have them, He will lead them, He will be their good and faithful Lord.

    Take courage, brethren. God is with us!

  3. Since I really wanted to know what that bottom line was, I magnified the image and it appears to say (This month only! Free Depo-Provera for all Mormon and Catholic visitors. Ask a Priest.)

    I looked up Depo-Provera and apparently it’s some kind of drug used in birth control. Well, that makes a lot of sense, and the image of the presiding bishop Mrs Schori combined with it has its effect. I suppose its a visual satire on the EC.

    Anything I wanted to say in response has already been posted in my previous comment.

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