OK so I’m still working on a Lenten Rule and, well, Lent is over half way over. Clean Monday starts for the Orthodox in March and I know they’ve got this Lent thing figured out, but by the time they can give me advice, we’ll be done.

I’ve always been attracted to Benedict and his Rule (That’s him and sis), and my wife and I were married on the Feast of Benedict (July 11), so I have hoped for an Idyllic Benedictine household. But, alas, even the Rector’s home is filled with unmet expectations. What are some elements of our readers’ Rules of Life? Any good Anglicans or Catholics out there keeping a holy Lent? There’s still time!  A little help here!

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  1. My Lent is puny. I had high hopes and life got in the way. With travel and disruptions to the family, I might as well be Buddhist! What a disappointment! I listened to the NT until I lost control of my Ipod…don’t ask. I yearn for a daily routine to hang my Lenten discipline on. I think I’ve even gained weight, my fasting was so unsuccessful. Woe is me.

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