So I Had This Dream…

mtcarmelchurch.jpgI was invited to interview with a small but vibrant church outside of town.  My wife and I were greeted to at least a hundred folks for a picnic.  We thought they were there to see us, but it was really a ‘going away party’ for most of the parish.

They were a parish meeting in a trailer while the church next door was huge with all the great facilities.  So, the young rector decided it would be good to leave the fuddy duddies behind and merge with the larger body.  He took the picnic as an opportunity to yell at an old guy who had held him back and told him he couldn’t wait to ‘get the hell out’ of the little church.

In the dream, my wife and I were sympathetic to the 10-15 quirky older folks who were staying behind and wondered if God were still calling us there.  One guy walked by us in the picnic and asked if I was the new rector.  He then said, ‘well, too bad I’m leaving, but that other church has the best library, and a school, and…’

So, who does dream interpretation out there?

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