Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

While Holy Week can be exhausting, this is what I signed up for. I truly enjoy the Triduum and the journey to the great Passover of our faith.

I never tire of watching the faces of parishioners who participate in Holy Week. Two images were striking this go around. One was the tearful experience that so many of my folks had while venerating the cross on Good Friday. I saw in their expressions so much gratitude and thanksgiving–a rare attitude in our day.

The second image was the little girls (two of which were mine) in the back of the church dancing and ringing their bells while we were singing the recessional hymn (Alleluia, Sing to Jesus!).

I sometimes make Holy Week out to be a test of my piety and endurance, as if my holiness is contingent on my ability to ‘bring it’ to all the services.

But isn’t Holy Week about those two basic things: gratitude and Joy!? Our ability to be pious can never come close to Christ’s power over sin and death.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

One thought on “Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

  1. Hi Neo:

    It is during Advent and Christmas and Lent and Easter that I really envy my brothers and sisters in liturgical churches. I realize envy is usually a sin, but in this case I think it is something holy.

    To enter into the life of Christ by re-enacting the events of his life is a truly splendid thing. We free church evangelicals do a lousy job of this. And as such I think we miss the power of these holy days. We make it more about evangelism at best and church marketing at worst. Most free church evangelicals see it as an opportunity to “bring ’em in!” Certainly many who do not regularly attend services will be there with us and we do have a grand opportunity to influence them. But it seems to me that the focus should be on the Lord Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.

    It is good to see people grateful to our Lord for His great sacrifice and filled with joy that only He can produce. Christ is risen, He is risen, indeed!


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