Not Too Swift

Was it just me or was anyone else disturbed to see illegals rounded up at the Swift meatpacking plants around the country? Swift is based out of Greeley, Colorado, about 60 miles northeast of Denver. No one wants identity theft or criminal behavior but the timing is interesting — the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12) and so close to Christmas. Makes the heart sad.

5 thoughts on “Not Too Swift

  1. I’m with you, Fr. Neo. Does your church ever take action on issues of social justice? You write a letter to the editor of your local papaer and encourage your congregation to do the same.

  2. They come here to WORK.I’m trying to figure out why we have a problem with anyone who is willing to come here and hold down a job and support their families with hard work. God knows we have plenty of American “citizens” who aren’t willing to do as much!

  3. Yes, They do come here to work and in the main do well here for them and us. But should there not be some orderly process allowing entry as opposed to breaking the law?

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