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Today is my birthday. Not that I was cool to begin with, but now I am officially ‘out’ of the 18-35 age range. I am no longer a part of the 2% of priests in ECUSA 35 or under. Now I’m just an ’80s geek. I choose Blogger instead of MySpace. GenX rulz man. How old were you when Escape came out?

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  1. happy b-day Padre.

    I ceased being cool a few years ago, though I just discovered that fact last year. It twas an awakening.

  2. Gen X like totallly rocks, dude! Oh, Escape…5th grade. 6th grade? One of the two. I remember a friend’s brother was having surgery on his wrist and I wryly suggested the surgeon could play “Open Arms” during the operation. They didn’t get it. So see? I’ve always been uncool, but at least *I* think I’m funny.

    Many years. And trust me, you’re still in some kind of minority in the Episcopal priesthood.

  3. Jazzy,
    What happened last year?

    I was 11 during that tour. That, along with the fact that it was a ‘sin’ to go to concerts (another post for another time), prevented me from seeing that one.

    Monority might be an understatement in many ways.

  4. hey, neo…

    long time reader, first time commenter… happy birthday and welcome to the 36-55 demographic.

    i attended that journey concert in 1981 at mcnichols arena… i was 13. i think the opener was billy squier.


  5. I was turning 2 in ’81 actually in Dec.of ’81. BUt Journey Rocks. I have the Escape album and their greatest hits.

  6. Hey Neo,

    I was only 13 years old at the time. Journey, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Boston, The Eagles, Van Halen and others were all on my favorites list. I used to listen to KAZY and KBPI (remember – “KBPI rocks the Rockies!”). Are those stations still playing rock tunes in Denver? Wow that seems like a long time ago. I think I now listen to more Bach than Rock (although I do like both).

    Well, welcome aboard the mid-life ship!

    (still sitting on the Canterbury Trail – told you I’d be back)

  7. Welcome back Scott! KBPI still rocks the rockies! Jane and Scott, where did you go to high school?

    I admit I was a huge Prince fan. Y’all do what you will with that info.

  8. Neo,

    I went to Hinkley High School in Aurora, CO and graduated in 1985. Then it was off to the University of Northern Colorado to study musical theatre. God interupted those plans and I went to Colorado Christian College in Spring 1986 until the Fall of 1987. It was then off to Metro State (I thought I would hate it but actually loved it there) where I finally graduated with a B.A. in Music (emphasis in Voice Performance and Choral Conducting). In 1996 I left my fair homeland of Colorado and went to North Carolina to study at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where I graduated with M.Div. in 2000. Pastored churches there until 2004 when I moved to Chicago (actually the NW Suburb of Schaumburg) where i remain today.

    Whew! You probably didn’t need all that! I will say, I miss Colorado. In my opinion, there is no place like. I’m proud to be a native!

    Where did you graduate from High School, Neo?

    I will show you mercy and leave the Prince comment alone.

    Grace and peace,


  9. Alameda High School class of ’88. I just missed you at CCC. I went there (CCU in 89) from ’89-’92. Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest 1997-2000. I toook a few classes at Denver Sem in between.

  10. neo…
    i attended cherry creek high school for two years, then moved west and graduated from columbine, class of 86.

    my favorite dj back then was steve cooper on kbpi (the amazing mister please, please himself)… although he used to claim that sissy from family affair had a sex change and became billy idol. since i loved billy idol, that was devastating to me.

    (dont worry, it’s not true. i looked it up.)

    anyway, good times…

  11. I was all of 14, had that on vinyl, and have replaced it on cd since. Happy Birthday! I don’t worry about it, I wasn’t cool then, either. Just me. Still listen to that, but have added smooth jazz, trad jazz, and always had some classical around-I teach music; can’t use one crayon in the box. LOVED to sing in church as a kid; they say when you sing you pray twice. ;-)Digging Building 429 lately, at least that was the last disc I bought.

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