Home Sweet Home

No, not the Crue tune. We were debating on homeschooling for our daughter who is in kindergarten this year. We decided to do it and have no regrets. Of course my wonderful bride carried the bulk of the load, but she pulled it off quite well. This makes us kinda freaky in our denominational circles, but, oh well. Here are my babies.

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Oh they are so very adorable! Perfect little blends of you and Mrs. Neo. We’ve decided to homeschool again too, and will again use that enrichment program, and I’ve been meaning to tell you: a certain famous NFL kicker’s children go to the one our kids go to. Just sayin’.

  2. And beautiful they are. It was a joy to talk with you briefly this last week; please remember to greet your wonderful Mrs. too!

  3. Is that you Ms. Amy under an Anny guise? Autographs pleez!

    I’ll put the bride on in good time.

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