St. Ethelwold

Speaking of Celtic Prayers, we used part of this prayer by St. Ethelwold on my son’s baptismal program: (From The Edge of Glory by David Adam)

In the presence of the Father I immerse thee
That to thee he may protecting be
Watching over thy head
Keeping thee from dread
In the presence of the Creator I immerse thee.

In the presence of the Son I immerse thee
That to thee He may a Savior be
May He keep thee whole and well
Save thee from the jaws of hell
In the presence of the Redeemer I immerse thee.

In the presence of the Spirit I immerse thee
That He may a mighty strengthener be
May He guide thee, lead, empower
Give thee hope in the darkest hour
In the Spirit the life-giver I immerse thee.

In the Holy and blessed Three, I immerse thee
Into their love and joy I place thee
Into their peace and power I steep thee
Into the hands that will keep thee
Into the Trinity of love I immerse thee.

We beseech Thee O God open thy heavens.
From there may thy gifts descend upon him.
Put forth thine own hand from heaven and
touch his head.
May he feel the touch of thine hand and receive the joy
of thy Holy Spirit. That he may remain blessed for evermore.

6 thoughts on “St. Ethelwold

  1. Here is a Celtic prayer of blessing that I carry with me on the cover page of my planner.

    “May the shadow of Christ fall on thee. May the garment of Christ cover thee. May the breath of Christ breathe in thee.”

    from the novel, “Brendan” by F. Buechner

  2. Five friends I had, and two of them snakes.” One of those being Seraph. 🙂 Just thinking about this book makes me want to read it yet again. It’s great.

    I agree with PG that technically “Godric” is better, hence it being nominated for a Pulitzer. But the story of “Brendan” is richer. Saying “Godric” is better technically doesn’t diminsh the prose of “Brendan.” It’s still, as always with Buechner, beautiful and elegant, and above all–honest.

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