3 thoughts on “What was Luther’s infamous dialogue with the Devil…

  1. So tell us good Padre. Don’t keep us in suspense. Any conversation with the Evil One is bound to be interesting.

  2. Ha! I’ve always liked this old Augustinian monk, the good Herr Luther. His spirit is akin to mine. This response by the “Contender” himself is primo! Tell you what; he didn’t mind a tough sparring partner now did he, whether it was the See of Rome or Old Scratch himself. I know he helped to create a mess, unintended to be sure, but I like him. I wish I could have a Guinness stout with him and chew the fat. I’m sure it’d be a hoot. Maybe I will someday. When the time comes my stay in Purgatory is likely to be an extended one, as maybe his is/was.

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