Padowan 2

I find your lack of faith disturbing. The first thing to do is to acknowledge that things ain’t right–that the Matrix has us by the proverbial nuts.

Then we remeber Indy. Only the penitent man will pass–the penitent man is humble before God.

That’s where the journey to the unseen begins. I emphasize that this is where the journey begins not ends.

2 thoughts on “Padowan 2

  1. I am unaware of the proverb referred to, but hasten to add that your padowan is indeed a sincere seeker after truth. Just as in the Matrix, an aspirant should follow The One and know that with Him all things are possible. Cast your eyes and your heart upon the One, young padowan. He will not disappoint.

    Seeing the unreality of the Matrix is key, however. It changes you. You realize that the frame within which you live your life is much larger. Once you have seen this, you cannot go back, and worse (better), nothing will satisfy. The Matrix had you when you were not aware of it. But, as soon as you saw its true nature, you were free. With freedom comes responsibility. Follow Him and Him only. All else is folly.

    Now, follow Him where may be the next question of a padowan. Is it not?

  2. Ah, my dear Morpheus, your counsel is wise indeed. Yet, as we all know, there is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.

    My questions to Fr. Neo were not so concerned with an individual’s pursuit of God, but rather the Church as a whole. Now, I understand that we (individual believers) are the Church, but I was hoping to force Fr. Neo’s hand once more, so that he might explain what he sees as the proper way to “unplug” mainline Christianity from the Matrix.

    Must one be Paleo, by your definition, to understand the Matrix? If so, why? Does it actually surprise you that many churches today have wandered off the narrow path, considering that, in the years following Christ’s ascension, those who saw him with their own eyes and believed had strayed from the Truth? (See my last post re: Paul) And furthermore, is there not mention in Revelation, that only one church out of many is seen as righteous in the sight of the Lord? What is your answer, Fr. Neo?

    And one more musing for Morpheus . . . I am beginning to understand “how” to pursue the One; however, as you stated, my next question is not “where”, for that answer is simple: anywhere. The answer that I’m longing for is to the question of “when”.

    May the Force be with you, always.

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