Jihad Jesus

  Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye write as their picture of the end times: ”Jesus merely raised one hand a few inches and a yawning chasm opened in the earth, stretching far and wide enough to swallow all of them. They tumbled in, howling and screeching, but their wailing was soon quashed and all was […]

Evangelicals for Obama?

Consider these figures from the Barna group: Among non-evangelical, born-again Christians, Obama leads 43-31%. This lead among the born again group is particularly significant, Barna notes, because this would represent the “first time in more than two decades that the born again vote has swung toward the Democratic candidate.” Among Catholics, Obama has opened a […]

Global Changes

Our Anglican Communion continues to unravel. Regardless of what we do with GAFCON, the global meeting of orthodox Anglicans (heavily weighted to Africa) underscores the obvious reality, the face of Anglicanism (and Christianity) has changed so radically that the average Anglican (ironic term) is a black woman from Africa. Since the global south and Latin […]

Benedictine Household

  So the true difficulty is making time and space amidst ‘household’ responsibility.  If you look at the Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus (250 A.D), you discover that the ‘hours of prayer’ made famous by the monastic tradition, actually began in the church among ‘ordinary’ Christians.  So, the early Christians rose at midnight and prayed, and […]