President Obama’s moniker for success has been his desire for ‘change.’  Whether or not he pulls it off is another matter.  I get burned out by the polarization of the political landscape.  I tire of hearing about the ‘good old days’ of the right and the lack of moral center that seems to characterize […]

Swimming the Tiber

  Seems as though it is now easier for Anglicans/Episcopalians to swim the Tiber to Rome: Those disenfranchised Episcopalians–does this make the decision easier?  What factors would go into your decision?  Are you ready to kiss Papa’s ring?

An Awakening

I’ve been reading the life of George Whitefield, Anglican itinerant who helped lead (With the Wesley brothers) the Great Awakening of the 18th century.  Fascinating stuff.  Several things were curious–one was that the churches banned Whitefield from preaching mostly because he was talented and full of the Spirit.  He was not heretical or dramatic.  He […]

Unscientific Poll

   With the continued disintegration of the mainline churches, those pastors/priests and laity out there–if you could change your denominational affiliation, would you?  Those ‘evangelicals on the Canterbury trail’–do you regret your decision to join the Episcopal Church–or Anglicanism in general? Do you wish you were kissing Papa’s ring?  Do you wish you could grow […]

Descriptive, Prescriptive, Barely Christian

GC 2009 Not sure what to say.  The many resolutions from TEC’s General Convention, convoluted and left-leaning as they are, leave no doubt as to where this church is headed.  What is the answer for orthodox Anglicans in and out of TEC? I don’t think the Anglican schisms and break-offs have bore the fruit that […]

Cedarly Perspective

My wife and I went on a retreat sponsored by Pastor’s Retreat Network We vistited the Cedarly House near Delafield, Wisconsin (about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee–walking distance from Nashotah House Episcopal Seminary).  Spending five nights at Cedarly was more than a vacation.  Vacations often become times of overspending, gratuitous activity, and an over-saturation […]

Shifting Community

Not that Disney is an accurate cultural barometer or anything, but being that I have three little ones, I have noticed a shift in the way Disney films play out.  There was the typical ‘find your own way’ that is common in a Disney film, especially among the “Princess” movies.  Ariel leaves the Mermaid world behind to ‘find herself’ […]