Shackin’ Up

OK. after much prodding, I finally read The Shack.  There were some theologically weak and amusing moments (I think Young’s model for God was the ‘Oracle’ from the Matrix), but overall I would say it was a good read.  It was even powerful at times and brought me to tears once or twice.  (I am not one to give in to the dark side of senitmentalism, by the way).

What I found compelling about the book, was it cut to the heart of the human problem of pain and did a decent job of weaving God right in without giving in to Calvinist determinism or willy nilly process thought.  For anyone who has little girls, it is especially moving and troubling (the basis of plot and weekend with ‘God’ is brought about by the death of a young girl), and is probably why it was so gripping for me.  Read it, with discerment and an open heart!