Is it possible?

Dallas Willard writes, “Some time ago, I came to realize that I did not love the people next door.  They were, by any standards, dangerous and unpleasant people…As I brooded over them one day, indulging my irritation, the Lord helped me see that I really had no love from them at all…I realized how little I trule cared for nearly all the people I dealt with through the day…I had to admit that I had never earnestly sought to be possessed by God’s kind of love, to become more like Jesus.”

I watch my denomination fall apart and some of those reasons are understandable.  Some of those reasons even transcend the current direction the of unscriptural path we have been on for the last few decades.

It begs the question, ‘what would Jesus do?’  Stand up for truth?  Pronounce Woe?  The most difficult fights are those that occur within the same household.

If it is diffcult to love our neighbor, how much more difficult it is to love your brother or sister who sins against you.  What would it look like in times of conflict to ‘be possessed by God’s kind of love, to become more like Jesus’ when times of conflict are the only real tests of God’s love anyway.  I don’t mean squishy feelings but a love that washes feet and goes to the cross; a love that transcends fuzziness but is a reflection of God’s very heart.