The Mission Field

If you haven’t read this article from the Washington Post, it about sums up the mission field outside your front door. Basically, the Post did an experiment on American distractedness and inability to see the beauty right before our eyes. They placed Joshua Bell, famous violinist, in L’Enfant Plaza (Washington D.C.) and chronicled him playing […]


What the Church (and the world) need is another Gregory of Naziansus. He was one of the great Cappadocian Fathers of the Fourth Century and instrumental in the formation of the Creed. What strikes me about Gregory’s life is not only his sublime orthodoxy, but his reluctance to take the seat of power. He was […]

On Dealing With Judas

More than ever we need a solid apologetic for the faith. We need a clear strategy for evangelism and apologetics. We are surrounded by, both inside the Church and outside, a culture that has abandoned Christianity. Even many who profess Christ and the basic doctrines of the faith, those ‘agnostics with collars,’ exist within the […]