A Holy Christmas Season

Listening to the radio in the car today, I noticed that the ‘contemporary Christian’ radio station was already done with Chirstmas music and the radio annoucers were talking about the ‘great sales’ in the stores. My 3 year old yelled from the back seat, ‘put on some Christmas music, Daddy, please!’

The madness is over, and now, as Christians over the centuries have done–let’s have a holy Christmas season. The Incarnation can never be put away with the boxes and the presents. There really are twelve days between now and Epiphany and there is every reason to keep singing carols and to keep saying ‘Merry Christmas!’ We are a people healed by that which was assumed, the flesh of Jesus son of Mary, Son of God.

So—‘Merry Christ-mass!’

Not Too Swift

Was it just me or was anyone else disturbed to see illegals rounded up at the Swift meatpacking plants around the country? Swift is based out of Greeley, Colorado, about 60 miles northeast of Denver. No one wants identity theft or criminal behavior but the timing is interesting — the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12) and so close to Christmas. Makes the heart sad.