Mainstream or Diaspora?

I love the discussion. I asked below what we do as a church when it comes to things like radical Islam. Now to the greater question. Is our goal as the church to be mainstream, to be the ‘winners’ in the culture war? Or are we to be the Christian diaspora, that is the ‘losers’ in the culture war, liminal and on the fringe? In what ways is our citizenship in heaven in conflict with our citizenship in this world–applied directly to the kind of discussion we have been having?

The children of Israel have asked that question throughout their history. (The picture is of Titus sacking the Temple in 70 A.D.)

Mid East Crisis

Since the post below about our President seemed to strike such a chord, are there any answers to the crisis in the Mid-East? What do we as Christians do? How does the Church deal with radical Islam? Beyond the political process, are there any answers? Answers that won’t do:

Liberals: “Let’s drop butter, not bombs!”
Conservatives: “Let’s turn the Middle East into a crater!”

Tough question of the day: Are the interests of the United States the same as the interests of the gospel and the Church?

‘V’ for Very Disappointed

Not to bite the hand that feeds us, but…

While I put off the Wachowski’s ‘V’ because I heard the church was put in the worst possible light (it was and the FF button was pressed a few times), I finally saw it last weekend. Think Michael Moore meets the Matrix. Not that we don’t have lots of liberal minded folks in our community, but, Wachowskis, chill out. Hugo was amazing but the political junk food was terrible.

The Theotokos

O God, you have taken to yourself the blessed Virgin Mary,
mother of your incarnate Son: Grant that we, who have been
redeemed by his blood, may share with her the glory of your
eternal kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives
and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God,
now and for ever. Amen.

A Blessed Feast Day of St. Mary the Virgin!!

Left, Right Left, Right–How Wide the Divide?

Our Commander in Chief is both loved and hated by folks all over the political spectrum. Why has this President brought out such strong feelings? Other presidents put themselves in wartime situations, some with better results than others. Most of our Presidents have claimed Christian faith. Why does W make conservatives warm and fuzzy and the rest saying, “I never thought I’d miss the Nixon administration?”

What was he thinking?

Mel Gibson is one of my heroes. My wife and I had just finished watching We Were Soldiers just days before he dropped his DUI bomb. I have followed his spiritual journey from Lethal Weapon through Signs and, of course, to the Passion.

Bad timing? Couldn’t be worse. While Israel gets bombed by Hezbullah, Mel decides to choke and say horrible things. I really don’t think he is Anti-Semitic. The Passion could not have captured the Jewish spirit better. I studied biblical Hebrew in college and the Aramaic in the Passion could not have been more moving. In fact, it is stunning to hear.

I hope we can pray for Mel Gibson, our brother in Christ. It would be easy to throw him under the bus now, but let’s pray that God and the Jewish community will forgive him.

Everyone is Special, But…

“You are special, special, everyone is special, everyone in his or her own way.”
My girls were watching Barney yesterday morning, and the ‘special’ song came on. Then I heard Barney explain “You are the only you in the whole wide world.”

Barney is just a kids show I know–but he reflects the culture’s emphasis on ‘being the only you’ and that ‘everyone is special in his or her own way!’ Nothing wrong with good old fashioned self-worth and a healthy bit of individuality, but why are we not ‘special’ because of the family we belong to or because of the community we are a part of? (Or, of course, because we belong to the Body of Christ?) Why am I only special when I am me?

We are made for the whole, not for ourselves. We were created for communion with God and our fellows, not for self-esteem or self-anything!