Welcoming, Affirming, and in Big Trouble

What is frustrating about the implosion of the mainline and my denomination in particular, is the leadership’s inability to address the decline in membership and faithfulness to the Christian faith among mainline Christians. The talk of inclusion and being ‘welcoming and affirming’ is actually an irony. The more lax the tradition, the less people there […]

Inclusive as Hell

Seraph mentioned that I have not commented on the week long fiasco that was ECUSAs General Convention. I usually lay low on ‘church matters’ so as not to be too esoteric for our readers. However, I am no longer sure that ECUSA (and many of the other mainline denominations) on a national level can call […]


Getting close to the Feast of Pentecost, it is vital and necessary to focus on the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. One thing that stikes me, though, is the way in which the Holy Spirit ‘lifted the veil’ not only on the way the disciples saw the world, but also on their sense […]