Charismatic Leadership

‘Leadership’ is all the rage. Many seminaries offer programs that boast courses on ‘leadership development’ and such. Many books on leadership I’ve seen are based on secular business methods. The problem is, what are pastors/priests? Are we religious CEOs or something else? Are we the ‘non-anxious presence’ of systems theory? Two books on my shelf […]


I am not a politician nor the son of a politician. I just wonder, with all the rhetoric, how this immigration thing can actually be solved. I don’t buy the ‘assimilation’ stuff (this really ought to make the Christian pause–remember 1 Peter calls us ‘resident aliens!!’), and I see so many big wigs using Mexican […]

Home Sweet Home

No, not the Crue tune. We were debating on homeschooling for our daughter who is in kindergarten this year. We decided to do it and have no regrets. Of course my wonderful bride carried the bulk of the load, but she pulled it off quite well. This makes us kinda freaky in our denominational circles, […]