Doubt and Easter

Last Sunday was ‘Thomas Sunday.’ The second Sunday of Easter is the time when we reflect on faith and doubt and focus on Thomas, the one who ‘saw and believed.’ Jesus, in turn says, ‘blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.’ Here are some reflections from an anonymous blogger that posted on my […]

Good Friday

Tonight’s Reflection on Good Friday When the children of Israel fled from Egypt they had two paths to take. They could have gone through the land of the Philistines and arrived more rapidly to the promised land. But God was clear that they were not to take this path. They were to take the more […]


Maundy Thursday Love is an obsession of humanity. So what is it? Is it the eewie goowie feelings of a first kiss? Is it unbridled sensuality? Is it finding that someone who ‘completes us?’ As Jerry Mcguire might say? Mother Teresa said “love is a fruit that is always in season.” To what is she […]