Too Bad So Sad

So the controversial series ‘The Book of Daniel’ was cancelled by NBC? I could stomach about 360 seconds of it. I will miss it so much! Here’s the e-mail I sent to NBC. I guess I was wrong about the advertising $$$! Mr. Wright, The reports I am hearing about your new show ‘The Book […]

The New Testament and the Sacraments

Does the New Testament teach the Sacraments? Some would argue that sometime after the apostles died, the Church ‘invented’ the idea of Sacrament, esp. in the Medieval era. Consider, though, the book of John. Call it the ‘secret Sacramental’ gospel with multiple allusions to baptism and Eucharist. For example:John 2, Jesus turns water into wine.John […]


I am reading a book by George Barna (church growth statistician and guru) called Revolution in which he argues that by 2025, only 33% of Christians will go to church. He believes that the trends towards ‘mini-movements’like house churches and more focused small groups (like a ‘spirituality and the arts’group) are becoming more and more […]