The Worship Philes

What is worship, really? Is it when folks get together to sing? Does it involve ritual?I’d like to think that the grandeur and glory of God has something to do with it. Worship is the affirmation of the Incarnational truth, Immanuel–God is with us. His presence envelops us. His holiness surrounds us. We celebrate his […]

Holy Nativity

The Church has given us a gift, not only in the yearly celebration of Christmas day, but also the Christmas season of 12 days. After the boxes are unpacked, don’t forget that reflection of the Incarnation cannot be limited to one day. Tell someone ‘Merry Christmas’ tommorrow and see what kind of a shocked look […]

I Must Increase

Have you ever noticed how our prayers often revolve around building our little corner of the world? ‘Lord, please bless my…’ ‘Lord, increase my…’ ‘Lord, give me more…’ Perhaps we don’t see ourselves as this bold and presumptious, but it often turns out this way. I know many of my prayers ask (tell?) God to […]