There are a few people that I have known over the years that possess what we might call gravitas. That is, the ability to ‘draw’ others to themselves. However, for me, it is not an outgoing personality or a ‘cool’ demeanor that draws me in. It is a peace of soul, a comforting presence. My […]

Holy Eucharist

The pinnacle of Christian worship has always been the celebration of the Eucharist. I know that many of our readers have been affected by the Presence. I’d like to hear more. As the ‘Prayer of Humble Access’ beautifully puts it in the Prayer Book, “We do not presume to come to this thy Table, O […]

How to read Tradition

I dig this quote on Tradition by George Florovsky: “The true tradition is only the tradition of truth, traditio veritatis. This tradition, according of St. Irenaeus, is grounded in, and secured by, that charisma veritatis certum [secure charisma of truth], which has been “deposited” in the Church from the very beginning and has been preserved […]

Troubling Dichotomy

One of the troubling dichotomies of the Christian world is ‘truth versus love,’ which often plays itself out in liberal/conservative polarization. Listen to this qoute from Hans von Balthasar: “…there is nothing true or good, in the long term, without the light of grace of that which is freely bestowed. And a Christianity which went […]


The question of questions. Why does God allow these kind of things? I don’t expect any profound answers. Perhaps the better question is, how will we respond? How can we help in the name of Jesus? Pray for New Orleans. Pray that the looting and violence stops. Pray for the displaced, those who have died, […]