Hermenuetical Gnosis (Duex)

With our record postings below on “Watcha Mean…” it would be helpful to narrow the discussion a bit. There is a special knowledge when interpreting sacred texts from Armstrong’s type. That is, we assume as moderns that we can ‘trump’ Scripture (and Tradition) by appealing to science–especially the social sciences (we’ve talked about this some […]

How to ask…

OK–every church has a pledge drive–every year.With the mythology around giving–that all churches beg for it and misuse it, what is the best way to communicate the need for giving?The financial needs of the church are much greater than they were in the past, so what is the best approach?

A Life Apart

I love the ancient Church. I love reading about the great saints of old, though I am often frustrated at the level of my own spirituality and piety. The lives of the Desert Fathers (and Mothers) are powerful examples of faithfulness and self-sacrifice. As Sister Benedicta Ward says, “It is a picture familiar enough in […]

Watcha mean by ‘literal?’ Hermeneutically speaking of course!

Here is an article written from a Brtish publication, bemoaning us poor religious blokes for our ‘literal’ interpretation of our holy books. She reflects the common secular understanding of us superstitious monotheists. “It is wrong – and dangerous – to believe literal truth can be found in religious texts Karen Armstrong Thursday August 11, 2005The […]