El Adversario

I’m reading Scott Peck’s recent book Glimpses of the Devil. In it, Peck encounters what he thinks are actually demonic possessions and he takes part in the actual the exorcisms. This is a fascinating turn in his therapeutic career. With that and my new “Constantine” DVD, I get a bit creeped out with the Satan […]

Terminus Mainlinus

I am part of a denomination with a USA after it. If we aren’t apostate, we are damn close. There are a number of books coming out about mass exodus from the mainline churches to more traditional Communions and evangelical churches. Since many of the USA denominations have Sith in leadership, what to the faithful […]


My oldest daughter will soon be 5. We are strongly considering homeschooling for a number of reasons. The primary one is that we feel a home environment (the program we have chosen has plenty of ‘social interaction) is a more natural learning environment and secondly, because we know exactly what she will be learning. I […]

Darker Hues

A soft ball question, sort of. Not to be romantic about the state of Christianity among our darker brothers and sisters, but why does the Faith seem to thrive in South America, Africa and Asia and not in the West? My wife and I were comparing the churches (Anglican) in Spain compared to the churches […]

St. Ethelwold

Speaking of Celtic Prayers, we used part of this prayer by St. Ethelwold on my son’s baptismal program: (From The Edge of Glory by David Adam) In the presence of the Father I immerse theeThat to thee he may protecting beWatching over thy headKeeping thee from dreadIn the presence of the Creator I immerse thee. […]