St. Johnny C

St. John Chrysostom’s sample on Easter: Rejoice today, both you who have fasted and you who have disregarded the fast. The table is fully laden; feast sumptuously. The calf is fatted; let no one go hungry away. Enjoy the feast of faith; receive all the riches of loving kindness. Let no one weep for their […]

Holy Week

How are you (western) faithful out there celebrating holy week? Richard Neuhaus says, “from the beginning God knew what he would do about a humanity he created free to love him, and therefore free to hate him…From the beginning ‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.’ This is what it means to love; […]

One Hell of a question

Constantine, I like your style. I juxtaposed the ‘Rescue’ with Constantine’s portrayal of eternal damnation for just the reason you gave. An article I really like on the topic of hell was written by Dr. Alexander Kalomiros and can be found at: Basically, he says that the love of God in Christ is the […]