Padowan 2

I find your lack of faith disturbing. The first thing to do is to acknowledge that things ain’t right–that the Matrix has us by the proverbial nuts. Then we remeber Indy. Only the penitent man will pass–the penitent man is humble before God. That’s where the journey to the unseen begins. I emphasize that this […]

To Padowan

You are right young learner. Paul knew of folks in the church who syncretized. That was the focus of much of his teaching. What is troubling is that modern Christians can’t see it. The Matrix has blinded them to the truth. You’ve forced Fr. Neo’s hand. Fr. Neo loves the church because it is the […]

Another paleo

Kevin is right. Not all popular art misses the mark. Otherwise we wouldn’t be going with the Matrix motiff. There is, however, a disease in our world that keeps us from seeing beyond our own perception of what is real. Sadly, this disease goes undedected–especially when it is in the most beloved institution, the Church. […]

paleo neo duex

The Matrix takes many forms in our world. In the Western world, we have a worldview that says there is no other realm but the one we can observe with our senses. The recent curiosity with ‘spirituality’ is really just a front for pleasure of the mind and emotions, it has little to do with […]